CROS and The Big Book Establish New Tradition

06 July

Working on “The Big Book” project, we have established a new tradition in the life of the award. It is a special feature program on radio Sputnik in which shortlisted authors discuss works of their peers. The program brings up the most diverse topics and the hottest issues, and touches really wide audiences.

This week, the second season opened with a presentation by Alexander Arkhangelsky, a popular Russian columnist, writer and journalist. He talked to the “Reader’s Diary” host Natalia Lomykina and gave his evaluation of Dmitry Bykov’s novel June. “This is one of Bykov’s best works, if not the best. It combines the writer’s prosaic and poetic talent, his long-time search for ideas,” Arkhangelsky said. “There are reminiscences from Ostromov and of the sarcastic game from the Listed Out… However, June has no sarcasm in it. It makes the reader feel lyricism spilling into irony. It is a very unusual Bykov and really the one we are used to,” Arkhangelsky continued and arose readers’ interest in the new novel in his original and very professional manner. Listen to the broadcast, read the literature works and enjoy!